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Hi, I’m Karina and I’m very new here in more ways than one! 


I'm taking the leap and beginning one of my most exciting adventures yet, finally obtaining my full motorcycle license! I've struggled to find beginners accounts of those first stages that I can relate to, so on a friend's suggestions I've decided to just write my own! At the very least it will be a diary for me and an outlet for my thoughts as I follow a dream.

Motorbike enthusiasm runs in my family, and perhaps some might say, “It’s in my blood,” (if you believe in such destiny).  The smell of leather fills me with nostalgia and comfort and I’ve wanted to hit the road on two wheels for as long as I can remember.  I always knew I would do it ‘one day' and I have decided to go for it! So I’m writing this in the middle of divorce proceedings, battling to rebuild my business after the effects of lockdown, and quite possibly in the middle of a breakdown crisis.  No time like the present right?  I’d love to have you along on my journey to discovering what it takes to train, ride, own and upkeep a motorbike and the freedom and clarity it is bringing me as I navigate a new life as a single parent.  

A Harley Davidson is the ultimate goal but I would love some recommendations for my first classic bike to practise on!

Thanks for reading and hopefully see you around here more regularly!


"The brave don't live forever...

the cautious don't live at all"

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